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Evil Eye

Evil Eye

Evil Eye Pallavi lives in New Orleans. She is in a tight, but conflicting, relationship with her mother Usha. Usha has returned to Delhi because of her husband’s work. Usha is worried that Pallavi, who is nearly thirty and still single, has not married. Usha who is interested in Vedic Astrology will try to find a way for her daughter to get together on specific dates.

To placate her mother, Pallavi agrees to meet an uninvited date that she has set up. Pallavi eventually meets Sandeep and they start dating. Sandeep is handsome, rich and Indian. When they talk about their romance, Sandeep tells her that one of his former lovers tried to commit suicide when they ended their relationship. Pallavi can feel Sandeep’s hands cramp in anguish when he tries to gift her earrings.

She is the one who tells Usha everything about her boyfriend. While she isn’t overly thrilled, Usha is concerned. Astrologers inform her that Pallavi and Sandeep have a unique compatibility. However, a private investigator Usha employs, who claims that Sandeep has several ex-girlfriends who are hesitant to discuss him.

Sandeep offers Pallavi the chance to live with Sandeep to live with him. He refuses to let her move in so he pays the rent to a new home so that she can focus on her writing ambitions and leave her job. Pallavi moves into the new apartment, but when she tells Usha her mother about it, she believes Sandeep is too powerful over her. When Pallavi declares that Sandeep is acting to protect her, Usha remembers that her abusive ex-boyfriend would speak this way all the time to her. She is convinced that Sandeep, who was born 9 months before Pallavi was born, is the reincarnation of her former boyfriend who died in the night Pallavi was born, after violently arguing with Usha. Pallavi and everyone else thinks she is crazy. Evil Eye HD

Usha suffers a breakdown when Pallavi is engaged to Sandeep. She decides to offer Sandeep an opportunity to make amends with the help by her husband. She is able to tell her daughter everything about her life. Prior to her marriage, she was in a relationship with a controlling and abusive man. When she ended her relationship with him and got married to another person she was constantly harassed by him. He fought her in the night when she was nine months pregnant. In the struggle, she pushed him into the river and began labor that night, giving the birth of Pallavi. The birth was not connected to the ex-boyfriend’s death.

Sandeep calls Usha and confesses that her suspicions are right He is the reincarnation of her former boyfriend. He insists that she go to America to meet him in person. When she arrives, Sandeep tells her that Sandeep wants what he’s always wanted: his. Sandeep warns her that if she decides to break up the marriage, he’ll murder Pallavi. Pallavi is skeptical of her mother’s support when they have dinner together. Usha tells Pallavi that she’s got identical earrings Sandeep gifted her, which was a gift from her ex. Sandeep is furious and attacks Usha. The two women fight him off and wound Sandeep. They both injure him.

At the hospital, realizing her mother was correct, Pallavi worries about the future, and the be the fate of her daughters. Usha helps her, and as she walks in the hallway, Sandeep passes away. The last image shows an infant, suggesting that Sandeep has been returned to life.

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