The Marketing Funnel – How to Visualize the Journey of Your Customers


The marketing funnel can be described as a visualization of the journey of your customers from finding out about your product and making the purchase. It’s one of your best tools for gaining insight and identifying bottlenecks, and then eliminate these.

The funnel of marketing is typically broken down into four steps — awareness, interest as well as consideration and then action. The stages were modeled on the AIDA structure, however they were altered in light of current trends in consumer behavior and the digital revolution.


Awareness is a crucial part of the marketing funnel and is the initial step your potential customers takes to become either a customer or a customer. It is your chance to let them know that you exist, what you are, and how you can assist them in your needs. There are numerous strategies to take to the next stage of the marketing funnel. This stage can be approached in a number of different ways. A common approach is to give pertinent, interesting and informative details that are engaging and inform. This can be done through many channels such as blogging, social media, blog posts and webinars.

Another method of getting the word about your company is via direct mail. It is possible to send out postcards as well as fun and unique stickers and notes written in handwriting with your logo to promote your organization and its products.

It is also possible to utilize social media in order in order to contact potential customers and clients, and encourage people to share the services or brand you offer to their friends and family. This helps you build the community of customers that are active in your business, which can result in them becoming ambassadors for your brand.

Marketing funnels are constantly changing. It’s crucial to keep track of it and analyse it to determine if there are any enhancements for your customers. This will require both quantitative as well as qualitative data, so start looking at these numbers to determine if you are gaining new prospects or making conversions in appropriate ways.

This is why keeping your customers satisfied by providing them with the goods or services that they want is essential to the growth of your company. It is possible to measure this by ratings of customer satisfaction, churn rates, recurring revenue and active clients.

Though these are quantitative statistics they should be able to determine the way your customers interact with each piece of content. To determine what CTAs perform best at making conversions happen, you could monitor the number of blog posts that have CTAs. This will let you determine which pieces of content work best at driving potential customers through your sales funnel.


It is a great opportunity to show off your product’s potential. It is when your target audience begins to evaluate your products and come to an assessment of whether they want to buy. Your product could provide the most unique solution.

This phase requires creativity and imagination in your content, and it should show that you are a serious buyer. A professionally designed landing page can highlight your best features. Additionally, it could be beneficial to establish a live chat or FAQ section that answers their final questions before they decide to commit to buying your product.

The phase of interest is your opportunity to shine. should you have the funds, a multi-channel approach is the way to go. You can re-engage visitors with email and social media marketing campaigns that send them the right kind of information to entice users to move from being a visitor to lead. Your customers can track their’ progress and ensure they’re content throughout their journey. Ortto, a CRM/analytics platform that lets you track the behavior of customers in order to create relevant marketing material.


The process of decision-making will allow customers to evaluate your product and take an informed decision as to whether it’s the right fit. The customer may wait for weeks and even months, before they decide whether they’d like to purchase the product or service. It’s crucial to provide valuable information and material to aid them through this decision-making process.

Companies can also utilize considerations to build brand recognition. The way to do this is by offering content relevant to their customers, such as giving demos or free trials.

In this stage, brands are able to nurture leads through mailers, specific materials, case studies and many more. This can be utilized to help educate customers on the benefits of their purchase and show them how the brand can solve their concerns.

Another option to increase your conversion rates at this stage is to get clients who are already customers to spread the word about their experience with their friends and business contacts. This is the most effective method to boost repeat sales which can result in increased average order values (AOV).

The existence of a properly-designed marketing funnel is vital to your business’s growth and success However, you must keep your strategies flexible. As the digital world changes and customers become more sophisticated, you may realize that your approach to marketing requires a change as well.

By having a deeper understanding of the buyer’s journeyyou will be able to design more successful campaigns to guide prospects from initial consideration to advocacy. It is possible to target customers by their previous behavior.

As an example, if someone is already familiar with your company, they might join your social media accounts and sign up for your email list, or subscribe to podcasts. Through mapping these interactions, you can determine the stage of the funnel they are at and target them with messages that match their mood.

For more tips on developing your funnel, check out our blog poston What to Look for in Your Marketing Funnel. In it, we’ll discuss different types of the funnel for marketing and the best ways to apply them. We’ll also provide ideas for creating an effective plan that can increase your conversion rate and revenue.


Conversion funnels enable you to visualize your customers’ entire journey. They can also show you why some visitors are more likely to convert than others.

A conversion funnel could be a great tool to use for monitoring and optimizing your online marketing activities. When you analyze the performance of your marketing funnel you can improve the overall experience offered to your visitors and increase revenue.

The funnel for marketing is an ongoing process and you must continue to refine your marketing strategy to keep up with the evolution of your customers. It is possible to engage with your customers in a way that encourages them to purchase through this method.

This is a crucial step on the customer journey since it assists in building trust with your customers. Additionally, it helps you build an effective relationship with future customers to ensure that they’re more likely purchase from you in the future.

When you are at this stage, you attract potential customers for your products or services with advertisements and other kinds of marketing. This could be through blogs, social media posts articles, and other online tactics.

In some cases you can also employ techniques for marketing that are offline to contact new prospects. If your target market is in certain regions or is of a particular age, this is possible.

For example, if you’re a food blogger selling cookbooks, then you can make use of your blog to draw potential buyers who are looking for recipes. Then you can use your email newsletter and other techniques to engage the potential buyers and encourage buyers to complete a purchase.

Each conversion offers a chance to make money. High conversion rates mean that your site is receiving more traffic than it’s taking in, and your visitors are spending longer on your site as well as browsing through many more pages.

The analysis of the Google Analytics reports will allow you to analyze your conversion rates at each stage of your funnel. This data to assess if your funnel is profitable or not.

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